About Us

Choose Better Life was founded in 2010 by Kael Ash, a professional interventionist. As an interventionist, he knew the burden of every addict he encountered. The way how much they suffer from this disease motivate him to pursue building this dream.

With the goal of helping people with addiction problems. Kael Ash strongly believes that anyone can recover from addiction, through the help of the right people and with the treatment. By raising awareness and providing the right service we can save a life.

Choose Better Life specialized in treating substance addiction. We offer effective treatment plan, especially design to stop the addiction. We are committed in helping who seek to end their addiction.

Our mission is to connect family members by providing quality and proven effective treatment in fighting addiction problems.

We can’t make this company effective and successful without the help of these people.

Dustin Studwick began his career as a counselor in the year 1988. With the combination of knowledge, perseverance and empathy, he helps many addicts to recover from addiction. He was involved in many areas of addiction recovery and a motivational speaker in many addiction treatment conferences. He specialized in working with individuals with crisis and anger control issue. His success in serving others continues by implementing healthy changes and proven effective method only to deliver great result for every addict.

Clinical-SupervisorClinical Supervisor
Joslyn Bary works for a nonprofit organization and outside the country for three years. She decides to work for Choose Better Life in the year 2012. Joslyn Bary was dedicated in volunteering cause in any capacity. With years of experience working with in-patient and outpatient treatment setting, she develops a skill that can strongly affect individual while the recovery process in ongoing. Her commitment, is truly appearing towards her work. Joslyn Bary works beyond the call of duty, instead she reaches her client even in the depth of their struggles.

Cailyn-TalleyClinical Consultant, interventionist
Cailyn Talley has been a professional interventionist for years. She received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology at University of Phoenix. Her experience working with children, families, individual with substance dependency made her expert on this field. Concentration in intervention such as crisis, workplace and family intervention is what Cailyn Talley is known for. She practices effective approach in right intervention and also committed in areas of recovery like aftercare treatment, counseling, relapse prevention. She brings a wide range of expertise to the company.

ConsultantClinical Consultant
With 15 years of experience in the field of addiction, Nixon Teel is considered one of the effective consultant in this company. His organizational ability helps him to easily determine possible solutions in every addiction state he handles. He is known for his long term recovery for addiction success. He was born in Orange, CA, and started his medical career when he received his Master Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy at Chapman University. He took many opportunities to showcase his talent as a therapist and counselor in many medical missions.

Clinical-Case-ManagerClinical Case Manager
Leticia Denzil is a licensed social worker. She works well in dealing with crisis situations and been working at Choose Better Life for 3 years. She never stops in providing only the best possible solution she can give to her client. She truly understands how painful to see a loved one’s suffering from this disease. The combination of her extensive and personal experience drives her to inspire others in quitting addiction. She has overcome by herself the bondage of addiction and believes that others can do the same through the help of right treatment and people.

Case ManagerClinical Case Manager
Accredited clinician. Ambrosia Marsden is highly educated when it comes to chemical dependency. She has recently worked for an outpatient chemical dependency program. She can easily handle difficult situation dealing with individual affected with addiction. Ambrosia supports professional meeting and for the family members. She found her true passion by helping others in recovery. Every day, she led others in making their lives better. Her skills and technique in relapse prevention draws addict to see the positive side of the recovery process.

Jowsu Breise is a licensed clinical worker and addiction professional. He received his Master’s Degree in Addiction Counseling at Regent University. For more than 15 years in the addiction treatment industry, Jowsu Breise developed his own method in giving the right approach for mental health issues. He specialized in providing support and encouragement in every individual facing the agony of addiction. He has a strong advocacy in helping people who struggle with finding ways to attain sobriety. He used to be a lecturer and a great speaker for young generations in the country.

Adira Corey was driven by her passion to engage in addiction recovery programs and services. She attains her master degree at Chapman University. She has the privilege to work with substance abuse and co- occurring disorder when she was in Utah. She assists in gaining awareness and providing enough knowledge on how addiction can badly affect individuals as well as their loved ones. Focus on emotional aspect by giving healthy changes and beneficial coping skills. She is passionately given individual the hope they need to break the cycle of addiction.